All that is needed to learn to play the Great Highland Bagpipe is interest and time.

The conventional method requires a measured, systematic approach with a good quality practice chanter, and lessons with a teacher.

When the student has mastered the practice chanter, he or she is ready to approach the bagpipe itself. Attempts to start right out on a bagpipe, skipping the practice chanter, are almost certain to fail completely, regardless of previous musical experience.

The members of the Wichita Caledonian Pipes and Drums volunteer countless hours offering instruction on both pipes and associated percussion, all at absolutely no charge to the student!

Through this process, the band hopes to ensure the future of piping and broaden the visibility of the arts.

If you're interested:
contact a member at one of our performances,
or contact:

Kevin Thames

or stop by:

St Stephen's Episcopal Church
7404 E Killarney Pl
Wichita, KS

every Thursday at 6:00.
(but please give us a call first, we might be playing somewhere else)